Lessons learned

This section includes information collected in different areas of the project around the activity carried out within the pilots. Following document includes the experiences treated within the pilots and it also summarizes the list of contributions made by the different participants in several workshops held along ACTIVAGE project.

This report aims to provide a guide of Lessons Learnt in the field of European innovation work on Active and Healthy Aging including some success and failure stories in the application of these recommendations within the different ACTIVAGE products and services.

The following table shows the list of topics chosen to classify and identify the proposed recommendations.

Topic Sub-topic
User engagement Definition of inclusion and exclusion criteria
Recruitment enrolment (include legal and ethical)
Co creation (user requirements)
Key success factor for citizen campaign
Experiment set up running Legal and ethical
Training to recruiter, to user, to trainers
Purchasing (Procurement policies and procedures)
Follow up and motivation (user engagement)
Data management
Evaluation Questionnaires
Scaling Up