1.- Description

Data acquired in DS LEEDS from two sets of sensors.
1. Environmental sensors: Door State, Motion (PIR), Appliance Energy Meters, Home Energy Meters,
2. Personal Health Sensors: Heart Beat, Pedometer and Sleep Detectors
Datasets are collected through 2 main means:
1. For Environmental sensors, fixed sensor devices send to vendor gateways and cloud APIs from Energenie and SmartThings are used.
2.For Personal Health Sensors: On-board smartwatch sensors paired with user smartphone, with Samsung Health App (Tizen and Android) and ActivageLeeds App (Android) installed.

1.1 Creators

    • Jeong Weon, Samsung,
    • Sarah Allison,University of Surrey,

2.- Content

Collaborative research purposes for studying user personal health and capability of performing Activities of Daily Living (ADL).
Metadata will include timestamps in ISO8601 format, sensor type, quantity kind, and unit of the sensor using naming convention from the M3-lite taxonomy. Datatypes will include integers, floats and strings.
The format for open data will be in JSON with a schema following the FIWARE NGSIv2 standard. Data will be made available through the DS FIWARE Context Broker instance.

3.- License

License to be determined

4.- Contact Info

To acquire access to this dataset, please contact: Sarah Allison; mail:

5.- Metadata
DataCite 4.0