Global results

ACTIVAGE project has followed a value-driven innovation with aim to support decision makers’ choices, promote sustainability and improve the quality of life of the European aged adults on the evidence of the usage of AHA IoT services. With this, ACTIVAGE can provide EVIDENCE of AHA IoT large scale piloting to all EU community from a global perspective.

Specifically, the characteristics of the participants in the study are presented and the overall results grouped around the Triple Win indicators, defined by the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA), and also the primary and secondary objectives of the study: Quality of Life, Sustainability and Innovation & Growth.

Resilience actions during COVID-19
COVID-19 breakdown affected the last stage of the experiment planned to finalize in most of the cases in June 2020. During the first European breakdown, most of DS were collecting the questionnaire results for the last evaluation period, while some of them are finalizing the recruitment. The evaluation team had to adapt the data collection process to the impossibility of meeting with the participants. This included the adaptation of the questionnaires to telephone version in order to ensure the quality of the data gathered. In addition, some DS adapted the services to improve or adapt the intervention to the needs of the participants during the breakdown. This was considering in the data cleaning and analysis in order to avoid bias or context differences in the analysis results. Finally, in those DS were the involvement of the participants were clearly affected by the breakdown due to the participants affected by COVID-19 or impossibility of collecting data, was taking into consideration during the statistical analysis, both in terms of sample calculation and results.