Technology assessment

Achieving interoperability has been one of the main objectives of the AHA-IoT ecosystem capable of concretely pushing towards services’ replication and scaling-up breaking down the walls of not communicating technologies.

The ACTIVAGE IoT Ecosystem Suite (AIoTES) is a set of standardized software components to allow interoperability across IoT Platforms, enabling and facilitating the exchange of AHA services, devices and apps.

The AIoTES’s validation methodology has been designed as an assessment process aimed at validating the AIoTES as an integrated framework applicable to all the DSs and ACTIVAGE’s Open Callers (OCs). On top of this, the methodology provides insights on customers’ expectation and satisfaction. The Testbed validation process has been conceived to sustain the integrated systems’ validation analysis. Testbeds could be considered fully fledged DSs, in terms of technology, while the Marketplace and the ecosystem are evaluated through the integration with Open Callers (OCs). In general, the integration of the OC with AIoTES has been successful, and they have contributed to the expansion of the ACTIVAGE ecosystem.

As result of this validation helped to identify those issues and set further improvement for AIoTES:  those elements and features for the next version of AIoTES, v3.0. 

Deployment testing was successful except for a few number tools that were not successfully integrated at the time of validation. As a result, the final AIoTES 2.0 Official Release only included fully validated components. Tools excluded are completing their OAuth 2.0 security integration and will be included in AIoTES 3.0.

Most of the IUCs were successfully validated, demonstrating the expected interoperability that constitutes a major objective of the project. All IUCs are technically feasible and AIoTES 2.0 and the SIL component fully support them. However in the current testbed ecosystem it has not been identified enough applications to test all IUCs. It is foreseen an enrichment of the ACTIVAGE AHA ecosystem in testbeds that will make it possible to have all examples of IUCs in the middle future that will enable their testbed validation.

Finally the following table presents the results of the involved stakeholder direct validation in terms of perceived complexity of each of the delivered AIoTes elements, from 0 to 10.