Assessment of IoT technologies

ACTIVAGE aims at developing and testing an “IoT Ecosystem Suite” (made of services) which should improve ACTIVAGE’s primary and/or secondary endpoints. We therefore need technological outcomes that can, at a moment in time, give a snapshot of overall performances.

The Protocol aims at providing tools and instruments to assess such technological dimension of the AHA-IoT services as strictly intertwined to Sustainability, Innovation & Growth dimensions as well as to the QoL category.

IoT variables have been selected according to specific requirements:

  • Be similar across all the DSs as much as possible
  • Be quantitative (based from server logs, optionally from device logs)
  • Be suitable for an (semi) automatic computation

Applying these criteria, the following table presents the selected IoT variables and their alignment with the Triple Win Strategy. The table reports the variable name and definition, and the question aim to answer in terms of IoT technology deployment sustainability, innovation and technological performance. Three main variables’ categories have been identified, the first two directly referring to EIP-AHA Triple Win Strategy and pertaining to Sustainability and Innovation & Growth dimensions. The last one does not refer to any Triple-Win areas but mainly relates to the services’ reliability.

Variable name Big Question
Sustainability Weekly IoT-technology usage per user Is my solution acceptable? Unacceptable?
Innovation & Growth Failure probability Is my solution reliable in real settings?
Mean time to repair Is my solution reliable in real settings?
Security Does my solution imply ethical, legal, social cultural issues? How? Why?
Variables collection Is my solution reliable in real settings?
Technical variables Available applications How does my solution impact the organisation of care?
Installed applications/services Is my solution reliable in real settings?
Installed devices Is my solution reliable in real settings?
Number of beneficiaries Is my solution reliable in real settings?